LRN Exam Rules


Full identification of the candidate under any circumstances is carried out prior to certification. LRN accepts only the following forms of personal identification:

– Original (foreign) passport (valid)

– Original internal passport (valid)

Passing an exam outside the country of which you are a citizen

Applicants who pass the exam outside their home country must use the original valid passport as an identification.

Internal passport

If you pass the exam in the country of which you are a national, LRN accepts the original internal passport issued by the state and valid at the time the exam is taken.

Your internal passport should contain the following information:


– Date of Birth

– Paul

– Internal passport number

– Expiration date

– Signature

– The photo

LRN will not be able to certify a candidate if it fails to provide at least one of the documents mentioned above. Exceptions to this regulation are not provided, candidates must clearly understand the established regulation: the absence of a document proving the identity of the candidate will lead to his removal from the exam without refund for the exam.

At LRN centers, employees of the organization are trained to identify fraudsters when applying for certification documents.

Candidates must provide one identity document (valid passport or valid internal passport).

The identity document must be laminated, namely the photo of the candidate should be placed under a thin transparent plastic adhesive film and confirmed by an official seal or the photo of the candidate should be directly pasted / attached to the document.

Non-laminated identification documents or documents without a photograph glued under a transparent plastic film are not accepted for registration.

Official identification documents usually have an official seal or watermark. Employees of the organization check the presence of seals or watermarks on identity documents; Documents that do not have the necessary seals or watermarks will not be accepted for registration for the exam.

Examination centers are required to provide candidates with detailed information about the exam and the importance of identification in accordance with established regulations.

According to LRN rules, “a photograph of a candidate must be taken recently, which means that the person in the photograph must be completely similar to the candidate himself. If the photo has no external resemblance to you, you will not be allowed to pass the exam, unless you provide another official identification document with a laminated photo that resembles you. ”

If the candidate provides an identification document with a photograph that does not have any external resemblance to the candidate himself, representatives of our organization reserve the right to prevent the candidate from passing the exam.

The organization also reserves the right to inform the appropriate authorities, including the issuing authorities of the visas and universities in which candidates study, of an attempt to commit fraud when passing the exam or of attempting to impersonate another candidate during certification.

Exam Day

  • Candidates must provide the original identification document and sign in the register of candidates to obtain admission to the examination room.
  • Candidates’ signatures are verified in accordance with their passport data with a photograph on the day of the exam.
  • The identities of all candidates are checked on the day of the exam.
  • The personal data of each candidate, namely: an identity document (with an individual number registered in the state register), full name, date of birth, citizenship, gender – must fully comply with the data entered in the registration form when applying for participation in the exam.
  • No other forms of identification documents will be accepted.
  • The candidate must have the original identity document with him, if necessary, check during registration for the exam and at the beginning of the exam, as well as at any other time; candidates may be asked to submit documents during the exam (for example, when candidates return after a break).
  • The oral part of the LRN exam is taken by examiners who have completed the LRN course.
  • The LRN examiner additionally verifies the identity of each candidate who passes the oral part of the exam.
  • Digital recording is carried out for all parts of the LRN oral exam to ensure objectivity in assessing candidate knowledge in accordance with general requirements and verifying voice compliance.

Disqualification of a candidate

The following cases may result in disqualification of the candidate, or invalidation of the test results. In all these cases, candidates are not eligible to transfer or cancel the exam, as well as to return the examination fee, in any form:

    • Failure to submit a proper identity document.
    • The provision of an invalid or incorrect identity document (for example, an expired passport or an internal passport) at any time during the exam.
    1. In any other case, when the identity of the candidate cannot be established and confirmed on the day of the test.
    2. The center staff will tell you in detail where and at what time to come for the exam; each candidate will be assigned a seat number for each part of the exam.

Examination Rules

You must have with you the original of your valid passport or valid internal passport, which must be presented before the exam and at any other time; Documents may be asked to be submitted during the exam.

  • You need to be at the table whose number was assigned to you throughout the exam.
  • Only pencils, pens, erasers and sharpeners are allowed to be used on the table during the exam.

Other items should be in a safe area provided by the center.

  • You must enter the written response of the exam in the provided exam response form. No other sheets of paper should lie on the table during the exam.
  • No examination materials, neither examination tickets, nor answer forms should be taken out of the audience where the exam takes place. Applicants will need to write their candidate identification number on all examination materials issued.
  • Mobile phones, alarms, iPhones and other types of electronic equipment must be turned off and stored in a safe provided by the center.
  • You must not leave your place in the examination room until you have been allowed to do so by the examiner. If you know that during the exam you may need to leave the audience for medical reasons, please inform the center staff before you come to take the exam.
  • As soon as any part of the exam has begun, you are not allowed to communicate with anyone in the exam room except the observer. Please raise your hand and do not leave your examination place if you need to say anything or ask an observer.
  • Only the answers submitted to the LRN official examination forms will be evaluated. Answers written on exam tickets will not be checked by examiners, and cannot be accepted for consideration.
  • You must follow the instructions of the observer exactly. You need to stop writing as soon as the examiner asks you to.
  • Remember that failure to comply with the rules and requirements of the exam may result in disqualification.
  • You must immediately notify the exam supervisor if these rules and requirements interfere with your work during the exam.

During the exam is not allowed

  • Writing off answers, copying answers from other candidates, or disrupting the exam process is not allowed. Any candidate participating in such an activity will be automatically disqualified.
  • It is forbidden to use or try to use dictionaries, pagers, spell checkers, mobile phones or any electronic gadget during the test. Any candidate using the above will be disqualified.
  • It is forbidden to talk or interfere with other candidates from the very beginning to the end of the test.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink in the examination room.
  • It is forbidden to copy any part of the test in any format / by any means. A candidate found guilty of this will be suspended from the exam and his results will be canceled. Such actions may lead to legal proceedings.
  • It is forbidden to tear off or remove any material used during the exam. This rule applies, but is not limited to examination materials, answer forms, and working materials.