Frequently Asked Questions about ESOL

Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the ESOL Qualification Program.

We have got the answer to all your questions!!


Are there any age limitations to take ESOL exams?

No there is no age limitations to take the ESOL exams.

Every how often are the exams conducted?

The examination are conducted twice a year. ( January, June)

Where are the exam centers?

Contact us to let you know about the nearest Examination Center in your area.

How and when will i receive my certificate ?

Certificates are sent approximately 10 weeks after the announcement of the results, to the address you stated at the time of registration.

What is the difference between other international English exams and LRN exams?

LRN exams are regulated by Ofqual UK, which means they are made to adhere to stringent requirements and correspond to the International Standards. Some other exams are also regulated by OfQual, but this information needs to be verified every year as the license and compliance are subject to OfQual.

Which books should i use to prepare for the test?

You can use any books available on the market provided that they specify the level of achievement ( A1, A2, etc) and closer to the exam date you can practice test-taking using past papers.

How do i know which level i am?

You can download and do one of the level tests provided and if the result is 50% correct answers or above, then this is your level. Good luck!

How do i know that LRN Exams are regulated and standardized?

LRN exams are regulated by Ofqual UK 🇬🇧 and have a unique registration number, which can be easily verified as the OFQUAL website has all the information available on their website

Why are LRN exams not always mentioned in University admission requirements?

Well, it depends on the university really: the space available on the site, university policies, the competence and experience of the admissions officers. However, when a candidate contacts the admissions and specifies that s/he holds an LRN B2 or C1 certificate and sends a copy of the certificate, the response from the admissions is usually affirmative.

What are the differences in the format of LRN Exams and other English exams?

LRN exams are candidate-friendly: there are no trap questions, no exaggerated requirements for C2, LRN exam materials are oriented on the practical use of English, and have a very straightforward question format. In addition, the exam grade is a cumulative score of minimum 50% correct answers, regardless of how many points have been achieved in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking separately.