The LRN Seminar for English language teachers held on 16

We at Accreditation Solutions know how important it is to help teachers enhance their linguistic and professional capabilities in order to install English exam culture in their schools and classes. The LRN Seminar for English language teachers held on 16, May aimed at establishing strong ties with the local teachers with the purpose of catering for the educational needs of the schoolchildren in the English language.

The programme of the seminar was as follows:

  1. Essentials about the LRN UK English Exams, Recognition, Partners, Collaborations
  2. LRN UK Exam Structure and Questions
  3. The benefits of introducing LRN International Exams in the school culture
  4. LRN TESOL as a way to improve and perfect the teachers’ linguistic and professional skills and knowledge
  5. WORKSHOP (preparation for the Writing Part)

Within the 3 hours of intensive work we have managed to establish rapport with the local education authority and administration of the Kostroma Institute of Teacher Vocational Training. As a result, the necessary paperwork is underway to set up an LRN Exam Centre for the local children to take the LRN English International Exam.

The benefits of being a holder of the LRN Certificate are:

  • get a better job
  • study in another country
  • demonstrate their personal progress using an international standard

The benefits noted by the participants were:

   No expiration

   Regulated by British Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Recognition Number: RN5341)

   Recognized by businesses, universities and immigration offices all over the world

  Low exam cost